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Provisional Programme

We solicit contributions to the thematic sessions below, all of which are interdisciplinary, hence open to the full breadth of Geosciences: structural geology/tectonics, basin studies, petrology, thermo/geochronology, numerical and analogue modelling, seismology, gravity analyses, geomorphology, stratigraphy, paleontology. Depending on the contributions received, we may plan new sessions and/or merge others.

Session T1 - Pre-Alpine heritage in the Tethyan realm, Mesozoic continental rifting and spreading. Evidence from the Alps, Apennines, and peri-Mediterranean orogenic systems

Session T2 - Subduction, collision and basin dynamics in the Alps, Apennines and peri-Mediterranean chains

Session T3 - Imaging Alpine orogenic systems in the Mediterranean area from Surface to the Mantle (AlpArray, 4DMB and AdriaArray)

Session T4 - Dynamic interactions between mountain building, surface processes and climate in the Alpine-Mediterranean region

Session T5 - Active tectonics and seismic hazard in Alpine-Mediterranean region