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About the Alpine Workshop

The first “Alpine Workshop” has been organized in 1993 in Grenoble (France) under the name “Géoatelier alpin”. From the subsequent meeting (Basel, Switzerland 1995) the conference changed its name in “Alpine Workshop on Alpine Geological Studies”, a name that will be used up to 2011 (Saint Florent, Corsica). 2013 represents an important year in the history of the “Alpine Workshop” that officially became an EGU (European Geosciences Union) meeting, assuming the name of “Émile Argand Conference on Alpine Geological Studies”. The name was chosen in honour of one of the greatest Alpine geologists, Émile Argand (1879-1940).

From 1993 to today, nine European countries have hosted the “Alpine Workshop”. In most cases, the meetings have been organized by collaborative teams, formed by scientists from different countries. Several special volumes have been published after the meetings, collecting works presented in the form of talks and posters during the workshops. The below map documents the history of locations of the Émile Argand Conference. It shows nicely how the entire Alpine geological community has contributed through time to the success of this meeting.


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